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Maleas Estate – Olive oil with tradition


The history of our olive grove

Our history with olive oil started, continues and is evolving in Doxato, Drama, the place where the third generation of Maleas family not only preserves the Greek family tradition but it is also a leader and innovator, taking care with sophisticated means and developing one of the most precious goods of nature, the olive.

Our family business which consists of people with unique experience and love in the field of olive is located in Doxato, Drama. Our fields which have been in the possession of our family for years are in Doxato, Kyrgia and Agora, Drama. We planted new trees in 1980 and our fields now constitute one of the richest and unique olive tree cultivation in Drama.

Our olive trees include the varieties ‘Chalkidikis’ and ‘Megaron’ from which combination our extra virgin olive oil is produced.

The history of the olive mill

Our modern oil mill was set up in 1997 and since then has been equipped with advanced bio-data machinery for the protection of the environment, providing high quality services to oil producers in the prefectures of Drama, Kavala, Serres and all around Greece as well.

The name Maleas has now been connected with the field of extra virgin olive oil since with great effort our family specialised not only in its production but also in oil mill provision services, drawing upon the pictures, the knowledge and experience of our great grandfathers who moved from Peloponnese carrying shrubs to Drama, adapting them to modern high quality biological production receiving re-education, expertise and experience.

Our awards

Our family business always stands out, taking part in international exhibitions and contests receiving not only international certification but also important awards of validity and fame worldwide.

We have received ISO certification 22000:2018 not only for the unique quality of our extra virgin olive oil but also for our safety guarantees of our olive oil products that come from our olive groves and are produced in our oil mill.

Recently, in 2021, our extra virgin olive oil was awarded with the silver award of quality in the global olive oil contest LONDON ‘INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OILS COMPETITION ‘ which was held in London. We offer certifications of major importance for biological production not only for the cultivation stage and harvest but also for the stage of production and standardization of our extra virgin olive oil.

Modern business

We are a modern and innovating Greek, family business in Northern Greece with autonomous organisation and infrastructure which ensures the provision of extra virgin olive oil, organising, controlling and supervising all levels of a successful production, processing, packaging and shipping to your house.

Our main target is for you to taste the extra virgin olive oil with all its pure naturalness, ingredients, vitamins and scents as if you were its producers yourselves.

Evolution, growth, progress

Constant development, based on our love for our extra virgin olive oil and the provision of excellent services to you, receive our people as well, all the members of our family business who never stop specializing in the field of olive oil, extending their knowledge and expertise. This expertise expands from growing to production, packaging and even tasting, chemistry and agronomy.

Our main goal at the end of each day has always been and will continue to be that only our business can offer you the chance to taste and enjoy this kind and of this quality pure Greek extra virgin olive oil.

Our land


Doxato is a small town in the prefecture of Drama. According to Kallikratis Plan it constitutes the Municipal Community of Doxato which belongs to the Municipality of Doxato. At the 2011 census survey it has a population of 2884 residents. It is located 10 km from the city of Drama. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times as it is revealed from Neolithic settlement in the area “Doxat-Tepe”(around 4000-2000BC) It is known as “Doxato” since 1600. It has probably taken its name by its location in the ample plain (“doxato” is the spacious room on the first floor in the traditional Macedonian houses with a great view. Sights worth visiting is the Primary School at the entrance of the village and the old and new church of Agios Athanasios. Also, many houses and tobacco shops which remind the economic development of Doxato are of high interest. Doxato is famous for its horse racing events, an ancient custom which is held every year on the 2nd May on the day of Agios Athanasios’ celebration, There is also a country fair on that day which is associated with the liberation struggles of the area. It is a day of celebration and fun not only for the residents of Doxato but also for the residents in the area around it. The main agricultural products of Doxato are tobacco, grain, olives and grapes.

Building in Doxato, Drama, Greece - Foto Tanzo at Greek Wikipedia

Building in Doxato, Drama, Greece – Foto Tanzo at Greek Wikipedia

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