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27. August 2021

Written byMaleas Estate

Olive oil has always played an important role in the daily life and dietary habits of the Mediterranean peoples. Its popularity over the last few decades has expanded from the sunny provinces of Southern Europe to every major continent. The secret of his success understood. The innumerable benefits of olive oil, its uses and global repercussions, including cooking, religious ceremonies, ancient traditions, medicines and cosmetics make it, in our opinion, one of the greatest gifts of nature. In the texts of Hippocrates (460-370 BC), father of modern medicine, he refers to olive oil with more than 60 uses, from medicinal purposes to personal hygiene using pure olive oil soap. From Minoan times to the present day, olive oil is used as a nourishing moisturizing nourishing mask for skin and hair.Many olive growers or customers who buy oil often ask in the mill “can I use the oil now so fresh I should not let it sit for a few months ??” The answer is very simple, olive oil is actually a fruit and natural, fresh olive oil can be enjoyed from the first minute it is produced, “because if you do not eat it fresh, when will you eat it !!!!” This contributes to its delicate aroma and retains all its nutrients while it does not need any chemical treatment, as other vegetable oils and seed oils are needed to make them delicious.Some important tasting recommendations:Use raw olive oil:1) In fresh salads or in boiled and grilled vegetables2) For breakfast or a healthy snack, mix olive oil with lemon, an idea of ​​salt and oregano or you have a wonderful, low cholesterol alternative spread for bread instead of butter.3) As an appetizer, along with bread and a few olives, feta and oregano is the ideal appetizer for your wineConsumption of raw olive oil is the best taste and nutritional choice because it digests food better and absorbs more of the nutrients of olive oil and the rest of the ingredients of the recipe.Cooking with olive oil:You can cook everything with olive oil. Olive oil can replace butter in almost all recipes, including cakes, cookies, etc.Use olive oil:1) Put your potatoes and vegetables in the oven.2) In the plate with your soup, add a little olive oil to highlight the flavors and aromas. (Try it !!!)3) In the pizza a few drops of olive oil and suddenly an incredible taste experience is created (try it !!!)Frying with olive oil:


Contrary to many people’s beliefs, it is better to fry in olive oil than in seed oil or other vegetable fats. When fats are exposed to cooking temperatures, they begin to oxidize.Their destruction is increasing as the temperature exposed and their exposure time increase. But olive oil due to its high content of antioxidants and unsaturated fats can resist oxidation and not burden the body with harmful derivatives and this makes it the healthiest choice for the pan. In frying where the fat is exposed for a relatively long time at fairly high temperatures, the olive oil remains stable because the oleic acid it contains does not change until the zero linoleic acid content is almost zero. In practice, this means that olive oil is not only the best solution for frying, but can also be reused. In fact, if every time new olive oil is added to the pan, it is fed back with antioxidants and if the temperature does not exceed 170-180 ° C you have a healthier choice than using seed oils. A little olive oil every day can change your taste experience and your health. Of course all this can be done with the correct storage of olive oil as we have mentioned other times. NO light, NO heat, NO oxygen…Olive oil should NOT be exposed to light and should be stored in a dark and cool place. It should be stored in a dark glass bottle or in a stainless steel tank.What do you use at your table?

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