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The terms below constitute a one set and integral part of the terms of use and prerequisites of this website. In case you disagree with our policy or even with one of our terms you are kindly asked to leave this specific website immediately and refrain from any use of it. Otherwise, we have to inform you that we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to you by the use of this website and the services it offers.  


The information provided by our e shop is absolutely complete, valid and updated either it concerns our identity and company’s data or all the products and services we provide in general. Specifically, next to each olive oil product you can see not only a photo which to he possible extend the product in the package but also a detailed description of the quality, quantity and characteristics of the product. Our business cannot be held responsible for technical errors or misprints which cannot be predicted or are due to grounds of force majeure. Our business controls the quality of each product thoroughly before it is sent to you and takes all the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the quality.


Summarizing, the steps you have to follow so as to place a successful order are:
  1. choice of the product or products you wish to buy
  2. addition of the product or products in the shopping cart of our e shop
  3. confirmation of the content of the shopping cart and continuation of order
  4. filling the special form with the necessary personal data(e.g. full name, mailing address, billing address, email, contact telephone, pricing elements etc).
  5. Selection of method of payment and methods of dispatching- receiving
  6. acceptance of the overall terms of market policies, private policy and terms of use by checking on the similar endorsement that will appear
  7. confirmation and completion of order
  8. confirmation of your order from our business through an email sent to your email address
IN DETAIL: To place an order for any product or products firstly add the type of product you wish to the shopping cart of our website choosing the relevant indication “ADD TO CART”. Then, proceed to the relevant form entitled “MY ORDERS” where you will be asked to confirm the content of the electronic shopping cart and continue with your order. In this specific section you are asked to fill the special form that appears with the necessary personal data so as to complete your order successfully. Then you continue, choosing the method of payment and shipping available and also the acceptance of the market and private policy our e shop follows and applies. All our prices include VAT. If there are any delivery expenses, they are added to the total amount and are clearly and explicitly written in the final order form. If you choose to pay by debit or credit card or PayPal you have to fill the necessary data which are necessary to the payment service provider. We remind you that our business does not use or process the specific data and the payment service provider shall bear sole responsibility. Before you enter the indication “ORDER COMPLETION” which is the last stage before the completion of your order you will automatically be informed that with the submission of your order you are obliged to pay the amount respective to it. If you are sure about your purchase you press “CONFIRMATION AND COMPLETION OF ORDER” and this way you submit it to our e shop. Then, you will be sent a message to the email address you have declared and there you will be informed about the completion of your order, the products you have ordered, their prices, the method of payment and shipping and any possible delivery costs and all the relevant terms of your purchase.


If your order has not been sent to you and the product has not been fetched to the transport company or courier service you have the right to cancel your order immediately by sending a message to our email: maleasestate@gmail.com. Within five business days you will receive a full refund from our company. The customer receives the refund the same way the initial payment has been made. In case a debit card has been used the amount will be credited to your debit card. In case PayPal has been used the amount will be credited to your PayPal account and in case the payment has been done by a deposit in our bank account, the amount will be deposited by our business to your bank account. In case charging has been made by credit card our business will inform the issuing bank about the cancellation of the transaction and the bank will proceed to every envisaged act provided for pursuant to the contract with its client without any relevant responsibility from our business any more. Our business, having informed the bank, bears no responsibility for the time and the method of implementation which is regulated by the relevant contract between the client and the bank. In order for the cancellation of the order to be accepted, it has to be completed within 12 hours from the moment it was electronically submitted. In any case, each user is solely responsible for any damage caused to our business from the sudden and untimely cancellation of the order.  


During your order you will be asked to choose one of the available ways to dispatch-receive in a relevant order form. During the completion of your order some specific delivery expenses will come up which will be written in detail in the relevant order form that will appear.
  1. Reception from our business. You can come to our business premises and receive the products you have ordered from our e shop yourselves. In such case you will not be borne by any expenses.
  2. Shipping by transport company-courier service: The shipping of our products to the place you have asked in our e shop is through the transport company or courier service based on the specific term and shipping policy each express courier service follows. Our business bears no responsibility for the compliance with the policy terms of the specific company nor for any damage or failure caused by your violation of the relevant terms.All the shipping expenses, depending on the way you choose to receive our products(cooperating transport company or courier service) will be pointed out in detail in the relevant form and before the completion of your order.The shipping time of our products is estimated between 3-6 business days(depending on the area) within Greece and 5-15 business days for abroad (depending on the country). Your order may be delayed in the following cases:
  • in the exceptional situation that our business is not working because of serious and insurmountable obstacle.
  • Due to grounds of force majeure which does not fall under our sphere of influence.
In case the delivery of your order has been delayed, our business comes into contact with you through email or phone call in order to inform you about the delivery time of your order.


  1. Debit or credit card payment. Your order and the expenses that may come up as they are mentioned in your order form(e.g. delivery expenses) can be paid by credit or debit card. Our business cannot be held responsible for any deductions or expenses that the payment services provider will impose.
  2. Deposit in a bank account The value of your order and any expenses that may come up can be paid by depositing in our business bank account stating your order code in the message accompanying it. In such case, you are kindly requested to send a copy of your deposit in which your name and the code of your order is written.Specifically:  PIRAEUS BANK Account Number: 5241072528161 IBAN: GR2801722410005241072528161  
  3. Payment through PayPal
PayPal(which belongs to the American company PayPal Holdings, Inc.)is the e-payment portal through which money transfers are carried out. For the specific method of payment the customer will need to transfer to PayPal page. There he/she will have to follow the instructions shown and then complete his/her order in our e shop. In case you own a PayPal card of a specific amount of money you can proceed in the purchase of any of our products filling in the relevant data you will be asked in the ordering platform and following the requested procedure of PayPal company’s market policy. Our business bears no responsibility for the policy of this specific company.  


We assure you that none of your personal data that is relevant to the method of payment eg credit-debit card numbers, bank account numbers, is collected or processed by our business. On the contrary, it is protected by the credit institution concerned. We remind you that we take all the necessary technical and organizational measures for the safety of your browsing our website. We have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology with an encryption system of data between the users and the websites. Our business bears no responsibility for the collection, process and use of the specific data by the providers of the payment services.


For cases of wrong shipment of products you should send(the same way you received it) the product that has been wrongly sent, back to us at our delivery expenses. In turn, we send the product you have chosen immediately bearing the new delivery expenses. In a rare and exceptional case that you think that one of our products is faulty you should inform us about it once you receive it or no later than the next day at our email address: maleasestate@gmail.com , specifically mentioning the fault you have found. After this period of time the customer accepts the product and any damage caused later is their responsibility. Within four business days from your being informed, you are obliged to send the product ot us. It must be returned in its original package and it must be unused. We ourselves, when we receive it, analytically check it in order to find whether our product is actually faulty. We note that all our products are biologically produced, are of excellent quality and we send them in special packages following all the organizational and technical safety measures of our products and their transport. Only because of reasons caused by force majeure such as extreme weather conditions or difficulties during the transportation or a product being hit during the transportation, slight damage could be caused to our products. Maleas Estate’s wish is to leave you totally satisfied and secure even in such extreme cases without any fault on our part and undertakes the responsibility to send you selected products again. You will only bear the costs of return and the new delivery charges. In every case of returning a product, the consumer is responsible for any decrease in its the value as a result of the handling of the goods other than what is necessary in order to determine their nature, the characteristics and function.  


The right of withdrawal laid down in Articles 3ε until 3ια of the N.2251/1994 regarding the distance and off-premises contracts does not apply to the nature and the kind of our products. According to the legislation, the right of unreasonable withdrawal that can be exercised by the consumer within 14 days from the day of delivery does not apply in the following cases indicatively: a) the provision of goods that can be deteriorated or expire soon such as food b) the provision of sealed goods that are not suitable for return because of health or hygiene reasons.
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