Our history with olive oil started, continues and is evolving in Doxato, Drama, the place where the third generation of Maleas family not only preserves the Greek family tradition but it is also a leader and innovator, taking care with sophisticated means and developing one of the most precious goods of nature, the olive.

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Olive groves of Maleas Estates in Doxato

Where we collect the olive fruit

Everything starts in our olive groves, the olive groves that are in Doxato, Kyrgia and Agora, Drama, and include the varieties ‘Chalkidikis’ and ‘Megaron’ from which mixture our extra virgin olive oil and green oil is produced. There, the olives are collected with special care, trying to avoid any possible damage and are then transported to our modern oil mill and packaging plant applying the biological standards and European specifications.

During harvest we are right there, at the olive groves, in order to ensure that the best quality of olives is collected. At this specific stage, the careful harvest of exclusively high quality, healthy crops is a primarily important prerequisite to which we pay a lot of attention.


Modern technology
Family tradition

Olives of Eleonas Maleas Estate

From the olive...

About our olive grove in Doxato, Drama

Olive oil from olives

we produce...

State of the art oil mill and biological production.

Maleas Estate Premium Blend Extra Virgin Olive London IOOC Silver 2021


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The transportation of the olive crops

Cold pressed and biological production

The transportation of the crops to our oil mill is immediate, within only a few hours in small trays that come with special certificate for food transportation in our private vehicle. The pressing is also immediate, just a few hours after the harvest. We follow cold extraction process of the oil in order to acquire the best possible quality results.

Of course, we strictly supervise the whole extraction process and biological production. We follow every step of the production, ensuring all technical and organizational safety measures of the biological production standards. With the above golden rules the unique extra virgin olive oil and green oil of Maleas Estate is produced.

Biological production of extra virgin olive oil by Maleas Estate


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