Participation in the 2nd Gastronomic Festival of Drama 22-24/9/2023!
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26. September 2023

Written byMaleas Estate

The products of Maleas Estate at the Gastronomy Festival!!

The 2nd Gastronomic Festival was successfully held in the city of Drama 22-24/9/2023. An event that takes place for the second year with great success and the people who visited have the chance to try the local products of the area. Of course, we were there for people who want to try our products, which in addition to our extra virgin olive oil could also they try our table olives as well as a new product in our range, that of organic olive paste. We also had the pleasure of hosting in our facilities a group of journalists who deal with gastronomy and agrotourism to show them around our olive mill and lead them on a journey of flavors. Finally, it was mentioned that our olive mill is open to the whole world(olive oil tour). Many thanks to all the organizers, all the volunteers and of course all the producers who want to highlight the local products of Drama and its gastronomy.

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