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The following essential terms are applied by Maleas Estate as a total upon using our website and during any transaction with us, thus, any user-visitor of our website is totally committed. You are kindly requested to read all the following terms carefully, as using our website declares that you agree with them explicitly and unreservedly. If you do not agree with all the terms or with one of them, then you are obliged on your own responsibility to abstain from any kind of use of our website. We are not, at any point, responsible if you use the website without carefully reading all the terms which consist its total content. Additionally, you cannot in any case claim ignorance of the existence of our terms and policies as you are expressly, specifically and clearly informed about it from the very first moment that you visit our website and before proceeding in any transaction with us. All the following terms are essential so violating any of them consists a serious reason for the termination of the distance purchasing contract between us. Being informed if all the terms each time you use our website is under your sole responsibility as we retain the right to alter their content at any time without informing you in advance. If you have any questions, inquiries or doubts, please contact us by email: malelaseastate@gmail.com  


The current website, (without reservation of the defined and specific exceptions of the intellectual property rights of business associates)with a specific shop-name, form, planning, distinctive features, graphics, signs, images, texts, terms, options and settings consists the intellectual and industrial property of our business and is thus protected by the provisions of the Greek, European and international legislation. The use of our website by any visitor does not mean that any exploitation right is transferred to any of the services that are included in it, still, limited access is allowed in order for you to be informed of our products and to complete your purchases. Any use, reproduction, republication, copy, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, performance, loading, translation and generally modifying the content of our website and the services- products it provides in any way is strictly forbidden. By accessing out website, you agree that you will make sure that all the rights of our intellectual property as well as of the third-parties’ involved are fully protected. At the same time, you are held responsible for any damage caused to our business or the third -parties involved by your actions or omissions. In case of breaking the terms above, we hold the right to claim the compensation of any loss of profit of our business before all competent authorities and all courts of law.  


Each user who accepts the terms of use and the policies of our website(even when one continues browsing and using our website, having been informed of the existence of the bonding terms of use) commit themselves to abstain from any abusive, in bad faith, unfair act against our business that is likely to cause any loss of profit to it. For example, the use of our website or/and the products that are available through it without our permission is forbidden (with the exception of the explicitly defined contracts of wholesale services with professionals). Especially for the wholesale clients, any act that can be regarded competitive to our business is forbidden. More specifically, each user is obliged not to distract our clients, not publicize names, addresses and other data, not cooperate in any way with our clients and naturally, not use unfair means or misleading methods or defamatory or pejorative claims against our business and the human resources  employed, in general. Also they may not reveal data or files or information the regard our business organization, the products, the financial situation, the providers, the trade policy, the business plans, the strategies, the expertise and other relevant information and data that are connected and show the way we do business to competitors. Finally, they may not take advantage of our brand name and reputation of our business in order to engage in trading business for themselves. In case of failing to fulfill the obligations above, each user is held responsible for the compensation of any loss of profit of our business that has a causal connection with the default, without excluding the corresponding criminal liability.  


Our business website is secured with the SSL security protocol so that your browsing in it is of maximum security. The SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) provides security to the transmission of sensitive personal data on the Internet. It uses encryption methods for the data that is exchanged between devices (usually computers) providing a safe connection through the Internet. During the procedure of exchanging data through the safe connection offered by the SSL, the information carried is encrypted. This way, no third source without authorization, is able to read or steal the data carried.  


From the very first moment you enter our website a message-check box will appear which will inform you about the existence of the terms and specific policies we follow (cookies, personal data, terms of use). Similar messages will appear before completing your order. After carefully reading all the terms of use and the operation policies of our website, tick “accept” Otherwise, if you do not agree with our terms and policies or if you do not have the time to read them do not, in any case, use the current website. If you use the site, in any way, it is presumed that you consent to all the terms and policies of our website.  


Each user is totally responsible for the illegal use of the current website and is obliged to abstain from any illegal or abusive behavior or practice that is likely to harm the interests of our business and generally cause any insult, damage or harm of our property or other goods or rights. The use of the services provided by our e shop is only allowed to people having the legal capacity as it is defined by the Greek Civil Code. The use of our website and any transaction is forbidden for people under the age of 18 and generally to people who do not have legal capacity. Transactions with such people can only be done through their legal representatives (e.g . parents or court appointed guardians), who will represent the interested users at their transactions with our e shop. In case our website is used my minors or people without legal capacity, our business does not bear any responsibility as we are unable to confirm their full identity. The legal representatives, are the ones who are fully responsible. Each user is fully and totally responsible for all the personal data of our business as they give their explicit, clear and specific consent to the provision of them to us. We commit ourselves that we will collect, process and use the data only for the legal, specific and necessary purchases in order to carry out your transactions for a specific period of time following the principles of transparency and taking every possible safety measure concerning your personal data. For more information read the section “PRIVACY POLICY” . In cases of denial or indifference in receiving the order or in case of hostile acts on your side you bear full responsibility for any loss of profit caused to our business. Each individual user accepts that the products they receive are for exclusively personal use while for the professional users, the resale of our products can only be made after our giving the permission for it. For more specific obligations read the section “MARKET POLICY” of the current website carefully, where all the obligations that our clients and ourselves have during our transaction are regulated in detail.  


In case you use the services provided by our website not having read all the terms involved in it and are integral and essential part of it, you bear full responsibility for any harm or damage caused to you by using any of our services. The terms of use and our policies are binding to both you, as clients, and us, as providers throughout our transaction. Our business is trying to depict, as accurately as possible, the products and the kind of services it offers by using photographs and by describing the products in detail. Still, we do not bear responsibility for any misprints or other faults that arise from force majeure. Our business does not bear any responsibility for the products from the moment they are delivered. Once you take the physical possession of the product, you are fully responsible for it, especially for any damage, alteration or loss. Every breach of any of the terms is an important reason for terminating any drawn up agreement between us for distance sale. In case you accept all the terms of our website explicitly and unconditionally(that’s something that is regarded done only by your continuing browsing and using our website) you cannot claim unawareness of the terms of use, terms of purchases, the security policy of personal data and generally each term and prerequisite our e shop operates by. You may not claim ignorance or negligence regarding the content of all the terms of use.  


Maleas Estate guarantees maximum security of your personal data, faithfully following every organizational and technical measure. For this reason, our website follows a strict privacy security policy for your personal data according to the European and international legislation. Read the terms of this policy cautiously in the special part of our website in order to be informed specifically and clearly about the kind of the personal data we collect and process, the aim of the process, the duration of it and at the same time about the rights you have as the data subjects by the law, rights that you may exercise whenever you wish. At the special part “PRIVACY POLICY” you may find all the information that is of your concern. You may contact us for any inquiries and clarifications via email at: maleasestate@gmail.com  


Our business follows specific terms regarding the procedure of the order-purchase of the products in our e shop. In the relevant part of our website entitled “MARKET POLICY” you may find and carefully read the terms of the purchases any time. The purchases through our e shop are with the framework of the contracts about distance purchasing governed by N. 2251/1994 and the rest of the valid Greek and European legislation. We remind you that breaching any of the terms renders a reason for the termination of the drawn up agreement between us for distance sale and we are given the right to claim any loss of profit caused to our business. In case you disagree with some of these terms or with all of them please abandon the current website and do not use our services or make any transactions any further. Otherwise, it is presumed that you consent to all the terms and policies explicitly and unconditionally.  


www.maleasestate.gr website uses cookies, which you should not accept from the very first moment you enter the website. Specifically, a message, pop-up window will appear which will invite you to either accept or reject the use of cookies by our business or even to check the type of them. As regards cookies and the policy our company uses, we point out the following in ac clear and comprehensible manner: Cookies are short texts which are stored on your computer or portable device by the website when you visit it. There are permanent cookies which remain on your computer until they are deleted and the temporary cookies which remain until you close your browser. There are cookies that are totally necessary for the proper operation of the website and your browsing in it. There are also the functionality cookies with which the website can memorize your preferences(user name, language and password) for a specific time period. This way you do not need to enter same data again while you are browsing the website(during the same visit). Also, there are promotion cookies(messaging of targeting advertising/ offers) and the statistical cookies (aggregated and anonymous information about the way you use the website). Additionally, the cookies may come from the website we have visited or another(third-party cookies) for example, through advertisements (e.g. Google, Facebook) Third -party advertisers and other businesses that we cooperate with can use their own Cookies in order to collect information that regards your activity on our website. We do not control or bear any responsibility for those Cookies. Our e shop uses the information that has been stored in the file “cookie” for advertising and statistics as well as for the better function and efficiency of or website only when you have fully consented. We point out that the use of the cookies cannot identify you personally or affect the formation and operation of your personal electronic files and data. We remind you that you can set your browser(chrome, Firefox etc) so that it will inform you every time before you receive a cookie in order for you to decide whether to accept or reject it. You can also disable the cookies from the settings of your browser. In this case, you should bear in mind that you might not be able to fully exploit its possibilities. It is at your discretion to withdraw your consent or oppose to the use of cookies on your computer or portable device, check them at any time or delete them. We hold the right to modify our specific policy any time, informing you specifically and explicitly in the specific section of our website.  


Every difference between the contracting parties on the application, meaning, invalidity of the terms of the contract, the existence or absence of rights and obligations of the contracting parties or tort is interpreted according to the Greek laws and falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of law of Drama responsible. The contracting parties are voluntarily under their jurisdiction from this day on. Any invalidity of a specific term does not mean the termination of the whole contract.
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