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Ways and shipping – receiving


During your order you will be asked to choose one of the available ways to dispatch-receive in a relevant order form.
During the completion of your order some specific delivery expenses will come up which will be written in detail in the relevant order form that will appear.

  1. Reception from our business. You can come to our business premises and receive the products you have ordered from our e shop yourselves. In such case you will not be borne by any expenses.
  2. Shipping by transport company-courier service: The shipping of our products to the place you have asked in our e shop is through the transport company or courier service based on the specific term and shipping policy each express courier service follows. Our business bears no responsibility for the compliance with the policy terms of the specific company nor for any damage or failure caused by your violation of the relevant terms.All the shipping expenses, depending on the way you choose to receive our products(cooperating transport company or courier service) will be pointed out in detail in the relevant form and before the completion of your order.The shipping time of our products is estimated between 3-6 business days(depending on the area) within Greece and 5-15 business days for abroad (depending on the country).

    Your order may be delayed in the following cases:

  • in the exceptional situation that our business is not working because of serious and insurmountable obstacle.
  • Due to grounds of force majeure which does not fall under our sphere of influence.

In case the delivery of your order has been delayed, our business comes into contact with you through email or phone call in order to inform you about the delivery time of your order.

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